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Price List:

Paint Protection Film

Full Front PPF start at 1.200$ & up

Extra: Door cups 25$; Door edges 25$; Pillars 60$ & up;

Rock panels 120$ & up; Headlights 70$ & up

Full vehicle PPF from 5.000$ & up (7 years warranty)

Paint Correction


Buffing starts from 350$ & up

Depends of the car paint quality, color, model and years used

Includes: wash, decontamination (clay bar), iron removal, masking tape, shop supplies

Ceramic Coating

After car was washed and fully decontaminated (clay bra) and buffed

(by customer request and extra charge).

We apply ceramic coat on

painted and glass surfaces (no matte finish, rubber or wheels)

From 600$ & up depends of vehicle size

Window Tinting

You can choose between Ceramic or Carbon film and 

tint from 5% up to 70%

Ceramic tinting lifetime warranty and UV reduction 99%

Carbon tinting UV reduction 40%

Sedan cost usually 300$ carbon or 400$ ceramic film

Windshield 140$ carbon 180$ ceramic film

 Vinyl Wrap

prices start from 1.800$, depends of the car size and color chosen.

250 colors avaible

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